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Crafting Bespoke Elegance for Distinctive Living Spaces

Custom Tailored Home Furniture

Steps to Getting Your Own


Design Consultation: Custom Tailoring Your Furniture Piece

Begin your bespoke furniture journey with Wise Owl Concepts. Our custom design consultation focuses on your unique vision for a live edge and epoxy dining table. We discuss essential aspects like size, preferred style, and budget, ensuring your table is a perfect fit for your dining area. This step is crucial for blending your personal taste with our expert craftsmanship, laying the groundwork for a stunning, made-to-order live edge table that complements your home's aesthetic and becomes a focal point of your dining experience.

Conceptual sketch of live edge dining table


Example wood and epoxy pieces for custom tables

Material Mastery: Selecting Woods and Epoxy for Your Table

Choosing the perfect materials is crucial in crafting your custom live edge dining table. At Wise Owl Concepts, we offer a variety of exotic live edge wood slabs, each with its own distinct character and grain. Select from our curated collection of woods, and pair it with high-quality epoxy resin to create a unique, artistic tabletop. Our guidance in material selection ensures that your custom table not only reflects the unparalleled quality of our brand but also your personal style, resulting in a breathtaking centerpiece that enhances your dining space.


Artisanal Crafting: Creating Your Bespoke Epoxy Table

Experience the art of furniture making with Wise Owl Concepts. Our skilled artisans blend traditional woodworking with modern epoxy techniques to bring your bespoke dining table to life. This stage is where our commitment to quality and detail is evident. We keep you engaged with updates as your custom epoxy and live edge table takes shape, ensuring it meets our high standards and your expectations. The result is more than a dining table; it's a custom-crafted piece of art, finished to perfection, ready to be the centerpiece of your home.

Photo of finished epoxy and wood dining table
"I'm so excited about this dining table. It's everything I wanted to finish this room"

Jannet H, TX

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