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Bespoke Conference Tables

Custom Tailored and Hand-Made For the Most Serious of Professionals.

Steps to Getting Your Own


Design Consultation: Sizing, Style, and Budget

Begin your journey with Wise Owl Concepts by defining the vision for your bespoke conference table. In our initial design consultation, we'll discuss your specific needs, including size, style preferences, and budget considerations. Whether it's for a boardroom or a creative workspace, our team is dedicated to understanding your unique requirements. This foundational step ensures that every aspect of the table, from its dimensions to its aesthetic appeal, aligns perfectly with your space and functional needs, setting the stage for a truly custom creation.

Conceptual drawing of custom designed conference table


Wood and epoxy sample pieces for material options

Material Selection and Tech Integration

Step into the realm of customization with our diverse material options and technology packages. At Wise Owl Concepts, we offer a range of exquisite materials, from live edge exotic wood slabs and wood-epoxy combinations to tempered glass and various metals. Elevate your conference table with our technology packages, including integrated power ports, USB, and Ethernet connections, catering to the modern business's needs. We guide you through selecting the perfect materials and tech features, ensuring your table is not only a centerpiece but also a hub of connectivity and convenience.


Rendering to Reality: Crafting Your Table

Once the design is finalized, our skilled artisans at Wise Owl Concepts bring your vision to life. We provide detailed renderings for your approval, ensuring every element of the table meets your expectations. Upon receiving a deposit, our crafting process begins, marking an 8-12 week journey of meticulous construction and attention to detail. Our commitment to excellence extends to delivery; we carefully crate and ship your bespoke conference table nationwide. In select cases, we offer personal delivery and setup, adding a final touch of luxury to your Wise Owl experience.

Custom contemporary metal fabrication for conference tables
"Ever since this table was delivered, it's all everyone in the office can talk about."

Jeremy Ballsmith, NY

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