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The Artistry of Live Edge and Epoxy Tables by Zachary Pascarella at Wise Owl Concepts

Live edge Parota wood table top imported from Costa Rica with epoxy filled voids. Industrial style table base and custom fabricated matching bench seat.

In the realm of custom furniture, live edge and epoxy tables stand out as true works of art, embodying a unique blend of nature's raw beauty and modern design. At Wise Owl Concepts, Zachary Pascarella, our founder and lead designer, has elevated this craft to new heights, creating tables that are not just pieces of furniture but centerpieces of conversation and admiration.

The Journey from Wood to Wonder

Each live edge and epoxy table begins its journey in the hands of Zachary Pascarella, who meticulously selects the finest wood slabs. These are not just any slabs – they are sustainably sourced exotic woods, chosen for their distinctive grain patterns, natural edges, and inherent character. Zachary's passion for woodworking shines through in each piece, as he shapes and molds these slabs into functional pieces of art.

Epoxy: The Medium of Modern Artistry

The real magic happens when Zachary combines these wooden slabs with epoxy resin. This is where his artistic vision comes to life. The epoxy, carefully mixed and colored, is poured to fill the natural voids and crevices of the wood, creating a seamless blend of organic and synthetic beauty. The result is a striking contrast – the warmth and timelessness of wood with the sleek, modern appeal of epoxy.

Customization at Its Core

At Wise Owl Concepts, we understand that each space is unique, and so should be its furniture. Zachary Pascarella works closely with clients to design live edge and epoxy tables that reflect their personal style and fit their specific spaces. Whether it's choosing the wood species, the color and pattern of the epoxy, or the table's dimensions, each table is a collaborative creation between Zachary and the client.

Durability Meets Design

These tables are not just visually stunning; they are built to last. The combination of quality wood and high-grade epoxy resin ensures durability and resistance to wear, making these tables ideal for both home and commercial settings. Each table is a long-term investment, meant to be enjoyed for generations.


Live edge and epoxy tables by Zachary Pascarella are more than furniture; they are a statement of luxury, craftsmanship, and individual expression. In a world where mass-produced furniture is the norm, these tables stand as testaments to the beauty of bespoke design and the talent of their creator. Discover the range at Wise Owl Concepts and bring a piece of Zachary's artistry into your space.

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