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Saint Mosaic: A Fusion of Athletic Spirit and Artistic Craftsmanship

In the heart of the Athletic Building at D'Youville University, an imposing art installation draws the eyes and hearts of all who pass by. Christened "Saint Mosaic," this 10ftx10ft wall masterpiece is a testament to the boundless creativity and meticulous craftsmanship of Zachary Pascarella, the visionary artist and founder of Wise Owl Concepts.

The inception of "Saint Mosaic" was guided by a singular vision: to encapsulate the dynamic spirit of D'Youville's sports teams, The Saints, in a form that transcends the conventional. The piece is a symphony of over 1200 wooden blocks, each painstakingly hand-cut, sanded, and painted. These blocks, set at various angles and orientations, create a vibrant tapestry of light and shadow, giving life and motion to the static installation.

Central to the piece is a striking CNC-cut logo of a Saint Bernard dog's head, the proud emblem of The Saints. This focal point, set against the kaleidoscopic backdrop of wooden blocks, stands as a bold declaration of identity and pride. The juxtaposition of the natural wood textures with the sleek, black painted steel frame encapsulates a harmony of nature and modernity, reflecting the ethos of D'Youville's community.

Completed in March of 2023, "Saint Mosaic" is more than an art installation; it is a landmark for the schools athletic association. It represents a nexus of athleticism and artistry, where every block tells a story of determination, unity, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. It's a place where students, athletes, and visitors alike pause, reflect, and draw inspiration.

Behind this monumental work is Zachary Pascarella, whose journey from an artistically gifted child to the helm of Wise Owl Concepts is a narrative of passion, innovation, and resilience. Pascarella's knack for pushing the boundaries of materials and design breathes life into spaces, transforming them into experiences.

"Saint Mosaic" stands as a beacon of artistic innovation at D'Youville University. It's a vivid reminder that art and sports share a core essence — the courage to create, the strength to endure, and the spirit to inspire. In this piece, Zachary Pascarella and Wise Owl Concepts have crafted not just an art installation but a legacy, etching the indomitable spirit of The Saints into the very walls of D'Youville University.

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