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Exclusive, Unique, Contemporary Art for Discerning Collectors.

Delve into the captivating ensemble of Vibrance, Opulent, and Sheer, each a testament to artistic finesse and modern elegance. Vibrance stands out with its electrifying hot pink vibrancy, a beacon of boldness and energy. Opulent, in its solid brass glory, radiates luxury and sophistication, its geometric form catching and bending light in a dance of shadows and brilliance. Sheer, with its polished steel facade, mimics the awe-inspiring verticality of rock faces, adding a sleek, reflective quality to its environment. Together or individually, these pieces serve as remarkable focal points, whether gracing the entrance of a restaurant, adorning a hotel lobby, or enhancing a public space with their distinct presence.

Discover Shardscape, Monolitheon, and Metalmound - our distinguished collection of custom steel sculptures that epitomize contemporary art. These pieces, showcased against industrial vistas, capture the essence of modern dynamism through their construction. Each sculpture is an intricate arrangement of jagged, low-poly style steel, combining triangular and trapezoidal shapes into a cohesive structure that ascends to a bold apex. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor settings, these sculptures infuse spaces with a cutting-edge, avant-garde aesthetic. Ideal for enhancing corporate, public, or private environments, Shardscape, Monolitheon, and Metalmound stand as icons of contemporary sculptures, inviting onlookers to delve into the intricate dance of form, light, and shadow.

The trio of sculptures, each with its unique allure. Equipoise presents an intriguing arrangement of polished brass cubes, stacked irregularly, offering a play of light and reflection that captivates the viewer. Shift, in contrast, features rusty patina steel cubes meticulously balanced atop a single cube, showcasing the beauty of decay and the elegance of balance. Verdigris stands out with its patinated brass cubes that seamlessly morph into one another, creating a fluid, interconnected structure that highlights the transformative power of nature on metal. Together, these sculptures explore themes of balance, change, and continuity in contemporary art.

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